Teacher & Consultant & Medical Representative .... born 1987 in Turkey with a passion for art and beauty.

Moved in Erzurum and moved in İzmir At the end moved to Ankara/TÜRKİYE where I am still living. I like to design new things and to be a problem. a... solver.

No, a problem solver.


Reading: fantasy and Stephen King novels,
Playing: the guitar,
Watching: Fenerbahce,
Brain Feeding: documentaries, books,

Spoken Languages

  • Turkish - native
  • English - medium
  • Deustch - average

Other Languages

  • Elvish - improving
  • Na'vi - starting
  • İngiLazca - inventing


Music: playing instruments, singing,
Outdors: nature, ecology, snow, sea, mountain,
Games: chess, go, puzzles,
Sports: squash, aikido,
Gustatory: cooking, mixing,

My favorite color is blue.
I listen Mozart for hours.

My skills are primarly in graphical design, multimedia arts and editing areas, powered by a native talent and 15+ years professional experience.

Instructional Design
Multi Media & Interactivity
Artistic Vision
Directing Art Projects
Managing IT Projects
IT-Art Entegration Managament
Motion Graphics
3D Design Enviroment

i can ad my computer skills in case if needed.


Corel Draw
Sound Forge
After Effects

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

June 2015 – Present
Medical Representative

I am still working for Takeda as a sales consultant in respiratory line. I am visiting doctors and pharmacies for product publicity and supporting them with medical clinical researches. I am making creative presentations for customers about products. I am participating in medical congresses.

Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals

March 2014 – June 2015
Medical Representative

I am still working for Abdi İbrahim as a sales consultant in respiratory line. I am visiting doctors and pharmacies for product publicity and supporting them with medical clinical researches. I am making creative presentations for customers about products. I am participating in medical congresses.


September 2011 – December 2012 Erzurum - Turkey
IT Operations Manager
Worked as a consultant on Sport and Multi-Sport Events including 2011 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival, Erzurum 2012 JWSC, INAS 2012 World Alpine and Nordic Skiing Championships.

Worked as a consultant on Mobile Education Systems including Mobile Software Development and Educating Content Management.


May 2010 – August 2011 Erzurum, Turkey
IT C&B Consultant
Timing & Scoring Systems Project Manager at Erzurum 2011 Winter Universiade and FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup.

A team of more than 150 people was managed to get ready the cabling and network infrastructure, applications, software development with employment of 11 team leading staff for 11 sports, 7 venues. Worked with SwissTiming as our sub-contractor.

Turkcell İletişim A.Ş

June 2006 – Semptember 2010
Customer Relationship Management

I have worked in the customer management sector to provide telesale, outbound suggestion and help and demand investigation, to follow the sales as a team leader and i've worked in it assisting canals for four years.

I have been rewarded with many certificates of appreciation and i have contributed to my experiences with these certificates.

... from cradle to grave.

York University, TR

Atatürk University

Elementary Social Sciences Education
Kazım Karabekir Faculty Of Education


I tried to elect some major ones;

2013 Mersin Mediteraranean Games

IT Project Asistant

Erzurum 2012

FIS ... World Ski Championsips IT infrastructure.

Erzurum 2011 Universiade

Winter Universiade IT infrastructure.



1907 Unifeb




TKF (Turkish Ski Federation)


anyone can find me. ask google.

in case here are some of my social network connections;

Telephone: + 90 532 .252 .93 .03
eMail: haluk [at] haluk.gen.tr
Address: Ankara


I love anything which is beautiful


I love to feed my brain.


I love to digest gahered data.


I love to systhesis.


I love to win.


I love to solve.


I love anybody who is smart.


I love to make things live.

To be or become the right person for the right place, for to produce the rigt solution.

solutions for making things live / yaşatan çözümler için

Electronic, IT , digital, technology,explore,renewed..The words that summarize me.. My journey that started with college of education, finished by become complicated. Although digital world and IT are not associated with my section that i studied , i finished 9 year mainly in these field.The life passes too fast indeed. The year of 1998 when i have Hotmail account, is as if yesterday.In those days, I did not know that I will be in the online world but internet always be the answer of my questions for, to pay 500,000 Liras for Hurriyet Newspaper to reach the internet and information in Erzurum or, to buy half an hour dial-up connection at the internet cafe.You might have some questions in your mind but ı didn’t play game in internet cafe.

I lived our first fight with my father when i connected to internet with 146. I am the person who belives that process by continuing and never ending of learning and the regeneration . I love to follow the subjects which excites me and the things that ı can’t stop to make. The electronic is the most important things among these things for me. My biggest aim is that facilitate and beautify the life and combine it with electronic. My dearest wish is that always regenerate and stay fresh. Perhaps, these searches may cause some short stations but I always try to have my time as full as possible, to know the value of every single time. I always try to make the best of. The universe have this dynamism extremely. I keep anything that doesn’t give energy to me and affect me positivelyi in my life. Because everything in my environment , is power supply for me. I obtained my all knowledge about IT from the biggest player of sector as without education. And i always proceed to learn. Even if the moment that I met with Cable Connection and Network is based on playing Doom, I gained too much things by time In 2000, I recognized deceased Geocities and my works on web started.

If you see my works then , i guess you can burst into laughter. In short and the main themes of this story is this, i have develop various project on web since 2000. I use ASP, XHTML, CSS very good, know JAVASCRIPT,SQL,MSSQL,Access Database, Dreamweaver a little and i know Flash and Phoshop enough to me. I worked with Turkcell during 4 year. The Project assistance in IT team in Universiade 2011 Erzurum Winter Games, is quite enjoyable and good for me. The position of IT Project Manager in 2012 FIS Nordic Junior & U 23 World Ski Champions , added value, experience and many things that i can not specify , to me. I want to tell the set up of CCTV more than 80 carefully and one by one ,but i don’t want to constrict you.

After my soldiership, I sustained IT industry with my essence of life and also ı decided to proceed to my career in medicament industry , working in field.
I started to my career with Abdi İbrahim which is the biggest school of medicament industry in Turkey and now i proceed it with TEVA which is global company and it has roles that will change the period in medicament industry. Also i am trying to go a step further with postgraduate education in York University .

As i told before, the life changes quickly and there is no possible to catch the innovations and the life indeed. But regenerate is also big requirement for me. I do not want to have any single day without learning new stuff. Although I love the silence of morning and the coolness which shivers softly I describe myself as a night person. When i have no time due to the density of day, i find my discoveries in silence of night. I must specify this, my friends that i coach them secretly, are the biggest references in my life.